3 Ply Disposable Face
Masks Elastic Earloops


  • 1000 PCS
  • 2000 PCS
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  • Filter harmful substances
  • Droplets – Exhaust – Dust – Pollen
  • Flexible nose support
  • Increased security, comfort and breathability
  • Waterproof & breathable
  • Reduces harmful inhalation by isolating particles and degrading harmful substances and gases

Product Information

  • [Product Name] Disposable Mask
  • [Specifications] Earband 175mm * 90mm
  • [Product Structure Composition] Mask Body /Nose Clip / Mask Band
  • [Certifications] FDA & CE certifications
  • [Scope of Application] Suitable for blocking odor and droplets from entering and exiting the wearer, not for medical protection
  • [Volume] Our daily capacity is 1 million masks per day. We can meet any volume requirements.
  • [Manufacturing Facility] Manufactured in state-of-the-art facility according to stringent quality standards
  • [Validity Period] 2 Years


  • Wash hands before wearing, and gently hold the upper and lower sides to open ear cord loops
  • With the cartilage strips on the nose facing upwards, hold the mask against your face and hook to ears
  • Gently press the mask to snugly fit the shape of the nose / face and remove gaps
  • Open the folds downward until the mask completely covers the chin, leaving no gaps